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Living a clean life does not mean it needs to be a complicated and an expensive life. We can help you on your journey of de-crapifying.

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Natural Soap


Living in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live a life that is free of all kinds of toxins and unnecessary things; we are bombarded multiple times a day with offers to buy things we know nothing about and much less what they are made up of.

Living crap free is a journey, gradually replacing the things which may be potentially harmful to us and our environment, with things which are safe.

Becoming 100% safe is not likely to ever happen, nor should we put that kind of pressure on ourselves, but doing the little things is easy and it becomes a way of life in no time.

As John Lennon would say, “It’s easy if you try…”


Our products consist of items for the body, the home and gifts. Every one of them is designed to reduce the toxic load and be gentle on our bodies, our environment and our Mother Earth.

When you place your order online, we lovingly wrap it in upcycled fabric to keep it safe, and post it in a 100% compostable, zero waste bag.

When you purchase our amazing products at the markets, you will receive a discount on some of them when you bring the empty container back!

We do all we can to reduce our footprint and be as gentle and respectful as possible.