Love Affair With Your Skin

Here are the reasons why you should begin a love affair with your skin:

It is the largest organ in your body, it needs lots of attention and love

It keeps you all together, you’d be pretty vulnerable without it. Imagine walking around with no skin

It protects your internal organs; otherwise they would be easily hurt and would get infected

It protects you from infections and diseases because it acts like a barrier and a shield

It gets rid of wastes and toxins, via sweat. Did you know that sweat itself doesn’t actually have a smell? It is the bacteria on the skin that the sweat comes into contact with, that produces the stinkiness.

It also produces vitamin D, it’s the only thing that does, and you need your vitamin D to be well and healthy

Our skin allows us to feel things. Like hot and cold. And through the nerves it talks to our brain and says things like “that saucepan handle was really hot, I should put my hand on some ice”

It’s a thermometer. It helps us regulate our body temperature.

It’s waterproof. This is why I always find it amusing when people rush to get out of the rain. A-hem, you are NOT going to melt in the rain, that was the wicked witch of the west!

In short, without our skin, we would be in deep trouble. So we need to be grateful to our skin and show our gratitude by caring about what we put on it and what we expose it to.

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