I did not know what to write as a “heading” for this, since the page itself is called “About”, so I am thinking this is the bit where I tell you about myself and Live Crap Free.

That photo there is me but me from about three years ago. My photographer is about 800 kms away from where I live, so it may be a bit of a wait for an updated photo. Also, I’m trying to ignore the fact that I am ageing, until I am confident I can do so gracefully.

I have been blessed with five most wonderful children and they are the reason my life took a turn in this direction. When I think back on how I slathered my firstborn in a vast variety of chemicals because the hospital was giving them out (so, must be safe, right?), because I was a young mum and because I had no clue; it does indeed send goosebumps all up my arms.

So, because someone said something that made me question things, I have been studying and researching and experimenting and sharing information for nearly two decades (told you I’m old).

Live Crap Free was created so that I could help people start the journey to safety, but more importantly to help people start to ask questions….what are the INGREDIENTS in this…food or product….is it potentially harmful to myself, my family and my environment….? Sometimes we like something so much we are not willing to compromise with alternatives, and that’s okay. It about awareness, and making aware choices – and it’s about balance.

Much love to you,

Ana xx

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