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I distinctly remember, as a child, going to a school camp. On this particular day we were snowed in, so we had to make time pass in our rooms (no internet and iPods back in those days, lol). And here is what we did.… Continue Reading “Fluoride”

Caustic Soda – Chemical Misunderstood

Caustic Soda or Lye or Soduim Hydroxide is a highly toxic chemical. There is no two ways about that. From personal experience, I was using the granules mixed with water to unblock the drains. I accidentally dropped TWO drops of it on my leg… Continue Reading “Caustic Soda – Chemical Misunderstood”

Love Affair With Your Skin

Here are the reasons why you should begin a love affair with your skin: It is the largest organ in your body, it needs lots of attention and love It keeps you all together, you’d be pretty vulnerable without it. Imagine walking around with… Continue Reading “Love Affair With Your Skin”


Although aluminium is only one of the many harmful ingredients found in deodorants, it is also present in other places like foods and vaccinations. It is a highly dangerous substance and should be taken seriously. In antiperspirant deodorants, aluminium plugs your sweat pores temporarily… Continue Reading “Aluminium”