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My apologies this article is rather lengthy. I have tried to cull it down as much as I could and “keep it simple” but at the same time I didn’t want to leave out any information which may be vital to you. So….please do read on … 🙂 What is MSG? MSG (OR monosodium glutamate…


I distinctly remember, as a child, going to a school camp. On this particular day we were snowed in, so we had to make time pass in our rooms (no internet and iPods back in those days, lol). And here is what we did. Somehow we realised that most of us had brought with us…


Okay, let’s talk about Sulphites 🙂 They are a preservative and a sanitizing agent and can sometimes occur naturally, but the biggest reason for their use is because they stop food from turning brown, they prevent bacterial growth, as well as preventing microorganisms growing during fermentation and food processing. Why are they bad? There are…

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