SLS/SLES is one of my top hate ingredients. It lurks EVERYWHERE you look….


scalp treatments,

hair colour,

bleaching agents,


body wash,

body cleanser,

make up foundations,

liquid hand soaps,

laundry detergents,

bath oils,

bath salts,

bubble baths,

dishwashing liquid,

children’s soaps,

children’s shampoos,

stain remover,

carpet cleaner,

fabric glue,

shaving cream,


mouth wash,

skin cleanser,


sun cream

Basically, anything that FOAMS is bound to have this ingredient in it.

The “bonus” is that on the ingredients list, it is usually listed as first or second. This is because the manufacturers are required to list things with most volume first.

WHY is it bad?

Well, here is where I would love to use lots of scientific terms and things but I understand that would bore you to death and you would stop reading, so I will try and keep it simple.

Sodium Laurel/Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS/SLES) is a chemical which comes from the coconut but it is NOT natural.

Because of the way it is made, other chemicals it comes in contact with etc the end result is a cancer causing substance or CARCINOGENIC!!!!

So some of the symptoms which it has been linked to, are:

itchy, flaky, red, sensitive skin

mouth ulcers



hormonal problems, especially in women



organ system toxicity

skin irritant

Now, if you refer back to the introduction where I talk about how using a number of products with this in it, REPEATEDLY, allowing it to accumulate in your organs, does it all feel a bit freaky?

When you think that the SLS in the soap in your bathroom is exactly the same SLS in the car wash or engine degreaser. Because in the same way it dissolves the grease on car engines so it dissolves the oils on your very skin.

Do you know what other uses it has? Well….

Rectally, as a laxative in enemas (also, if you swallow too much off the shelf toothpaste, it may have the same effect)

Shark repellent

Pesticide and herbicide used to kill pests and insects in farming

Taste alternator – it temporarily diminishes the perception of sweetness

Hmmmmm….. do you really want to be putting THAT on your beautiful, life giving skin? Do you really want to be putting it on your babies’ skin?

So…… WHY do they do it? Why do the manufacturers use this ingredient?

Because it is CHEAP! And because they can get away with it 🙂

Please don’t let them get away with it anymore.

Don’t use car engine degreaser every time you wash your hands. And eat off dishes which have been washed in car engine degreaser. And don’t wear clothes that have been washed in it either. And certainly don’t put it on your skin or your children’s skin.

There are SO many wonderful alternatives out there, please, please check them out!

I am not urging you to go around your house and throw away everything with SLS in it and replace it straight away but I do urge you to go around your house (mainly your bathroom, laundry and kitchen sink) and have a look at the products you are using. Then as you run out, replace them gradually with products which do NOT contain this nasty chemical.

Every time after I would wash my hair with a shampoo containing SLS in it I would end up with a handful of hair which had fallen out. After changing to a shampoo with no SLS in three weeks my hair stopped falling out. Now, I don’t even use shampoo and conditioner anymore, I use a “scalp and hair cleanser” and my hair has never been healthier 🙂

The thing that scares me the very most is that well known baby brands have it in their products. And they claim that it won’t irritate your child’s eyes. Do you know why?

Firstly, the claim is unrealistic as SLS IS an irritant and if it goes into your eyes it WILL irritate them. The reason babies’ eyes don’t “get irritated” is that the babies cannot FEEL it! Why?

Because of Cocamidopropyl Betaine. A chemical derived from coconuts, once again, but it is a skin sensitizer so your babies lose the feeling around their eyes (they go numb) and can’t feel the SLS irritating them.

Coincidentally, Cocamidopropyl Betaine is toxic to the immune system and can cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions. But this is a blog about SLS.

You’d think big companies like that would just take the SLS out and not put another dangerous ingredient in to mask the SLS? No, that would make too much sense, and probably wouldn’t make as much profit.

I could keep writing about properties and dangers of SLS/SLES for another hundred pages, but I won’t.

If there is only one blog of mine you read, if there is only one blog of mine you take to heart and decide to do something about it, please let this be IT!!!!!

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