Do you have a baby? Have you ever had a baby? What about sweaty armpits or skin folds, like under your boobies or between your thighs?

Ever used talcum powder?

I know I have. I thought that a product marketed primarily at babies MUST be safe, right? WRONG!

I have also used it when I was a teenager and those sweat glands were out of control.

I have also used it as make up to cover up that “oily look” and give my face a “matte finish”.

Did I know I was risking getting cancer? Hell, NO!

The main link between talcum powder and cancer is ovarian cancer. It can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. So even if you are a sweaty guy who loves his talcum powder, every time you use it, you are putting the females in your life at risk.

What about if you have a female baby? And you are putting the talcum powder in her nappy area where it is most likely to get absorbed into her reproductive system?

This really scares me because I had a female baby BEFORE I found out about the toxic properties of talcum powder.

And then to find out that some talcum powders also contain asbestos (and we all know about asbestos and lung cancer)!!! Oh, kill me now….

Having said all that, I am still grateful that I found out and that I know NOW. Sooner rather than later and all that jazz.

Even if you STOP using it now, it will take some time but your body will get rid of it eventually (hopefully none of the damage having been caused already).

If you absolutely MUST use talcum powder (because you would rather use it than get a breast reduction, for example), there ARE safer alternatives!

Some people use corn starch or corn powder but if you are after something more silky and consumer friendly, try this one.  It is a talc-free powder that is suitable for all your hygienic needs without exposing you to toxins that can potentially threaten your health. It lasts so long your baby will probably be out of nappies before you finish the bottle. And it is SAFE!


Did you also know talc is hiding in your food?

But that’s my next blog……


The Nitty and the Gritty

This is the part where I get technical for those of you who would like to know more.

Talcum powder comes from talc which is a mineral made up mainly of magnesium, silicon and oxygen. In it’s natural form it “may” contain asbestos. This is because it is often located underground right next to the asbestos ore, so when you dig one up…

The main links are between talc and lung cancer (because it is so easily inhaled) and ovarian cancer. It can also cause pneumonia and inflammation of the airways.

Of course there is no studies, to this date that 100% prove all of this. There are always “doubts” and “allegeds” this and thats. Here is a nifty little article that may be of interest: http://web.imu.edu.my/ejournal/approved/3.Review_Davendralingam_pg10-16.pdf

The point is that the suspicion is there, and there ain’t no smoke without fire, so why take the risk if you don’t have to?

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